Seventeen-year-old Nikki becomes the sudden victim of getting chased by an SUV, multiple hellhound attacks, an abduction attempt by a demon, and more. For some unknown reason, she has been marked as the target by dark forces and her only hope of survival is the three teenage half-angels she’s given to as an assignment. These halflings are caught in the midplane between heaven and earth, not allowed to have either, and this causes them to struggle with their duties, wondering if they’re really on the right side after all. The one unpardonable sin – which too of the halflings are in danger of committing: Never fall in love with a human.
I love that the action in this novel starts with a bang and never stops, with new dangers and levels of suspense around each corner. There is fighting, there is murder, and there is revenge. The relationships in this book are so unique. This isn’t another YA cliché where the boy tries to stay away from the girl for her good – instead, Nikki takes the active role to try to save his soul. She is the most interesting and well-rounded of YA heroines I’ve met and I love how she is set on being the savior of the people whose job it is to save her. I am extremely touched by the three “brother” halflings who, although not related by blood, have the greatest brotherhood I’ve ever seen. They gloat when the others get in trouble and they fight, but they’d lay down their lives for each other if it came to that. This amazing brotherhood is something I’d love to see become more developed in the books to come. I can really see this being the next big thing in YA, and hope it becomes just that.