What if gaining the ability to have your own life meant letting your sister and only friend’s slip away? At 13, Anna has had to miss out on friendship, school, and sports to undergo numerous invasive surgeries to get transplants for her sister, a cancer patient. She sues her parents for the rights to stop being a donor and tries to discover who she is apart from who she was conceived to be.

This was my first time dabbling in this genre and trying this author but will not be the last. Ms. Picoult made the unforgettable characters come to life in a story that felt so real. The presentation from multiple perspectives was executed phenomenally and I couldn’t help but side with whoever was narrating at the moment, wishing against all possibility that all could win in the end. This was a gripping exploration about what it means to live, to love, and how far one should go to save a life – or to gain one for oneself. 

There’s two huge surprises at the end – one I loved and one I hated, both of which made me cry. I would recommend this poignant tale to everyone who is looking for a novel that will make them think, make them feel, and to let the reader go unchanged.