Cameron is a mind reader who has always been forced to hide her powers and her true self from everyone. She meets a boy of whom she is very suspicious, but he shows her that she’s not alone and takes her to a school where she can learn to use her powers to affect the world – just not in the way she’d thought. This is a story of love, deceit, and most of all, choosing between doing what’s right versus what’s safe and comfortable.  

Mind-reading is one of the superpowers that fascinates me most out of all, and the construction of this superpower and the individuals variations that go with it did not disappoint. From the murder in the opening scenes to the escape from prison in the final quarter, I was completely captivated and couldn’t put this book down. That a book where the primary struggle was internal rather than external (until the last fourth) and more about personal growth than fighting an enemy, could feel like it had as much tension and excitement as this one did was a pleasant surprise to me. Coming to terms with having a super-power that mostly feels like a curse is one major thread which is resolved at the end of this book but the vast majority of threads are left hanging.
In-depth Review:

Plot: I really enjoyed the start with a shooting in a small town café. Although little action takes place between this scene and the final fourth, I hardly noticed because of the tension in every bit. The high school drama surrounding a murder and running away to a magical school kept me from putting down the book, and the climax was perfectly filled with intense emotional struggle as well as physical. The balance between wrapping up the main thread of this novel versus leaving hooks to pull the reader to the next of the series was skewed towards the direction of cliffhanging – a couple main threads are resolved but the majority of questions are left unanswered. Still, the ending was not unsatisfying for the most part. Because of where Cameron ends up, I wasn’t as grabbed by this world as I could have been.

Characters: How Cameron changes and grows and the decisions she makes are the main thread of this novel. There is a clear change in the person she is in the beginning and who she becomes by the end. At first readers will recognize the usual insta-love, but things are not as they seem and the romantic aspect quickly turns into something unique and filled with conflict. I also enjoyed Cameron’s budding relationship with a younger member at the special school, and would liked to have seen more development in this area, another thread somewhat left hanging at the end. I didn’t feel like any of the characters were predictable or clichéd. However, “paranormal romance” is written on the cover and I didn’t feel like love was quite as major a theme as advertised – this book is doesn’t have less romance than your typical YA, but the main story is Cameron’s personal growth.
Style: This author gives us vivid descriptions which make all the scenes clear in our mind from the rustic small town to the beautiful island, but most importantly, she does it without ever halting the plot and suspense. I felt that a person who can’t keep others’ thoughts from drifting into her mind was perfectly portrayed.